A meeting place for young people

We are developing a unique musical and other performance opportunities, in combination with a café as well as a venue for e-sports.

This is being done in close collaboration with the Municipality of Rana Municipality, and of course with the young people of our community. Park 22 will share its resources and expertise, aims for inclusion and wishes to contribute to integration. We firmly believe that innovative initiatives will create new jobs and help energise and revitalise our town centre.

As we plan our cultural events calendar, we are always mindful of the importance of our younger audiences. Our goal is to offer frequent concerts and a variety of events that are attractive to these age groups.

Park 22 Viritual

Virtual meeting place

The future is virtual! Acknowledging this, Park 22 aims to facilitate virtual meeting places in the rustic surroundings of Park 22. We are in the process of establishing a high-quality virtual stage.

Our focus on the virtual is especially evident in several of our initiatives, which aim to engage, inspire and motivate young people.

Park 22 E-sports

Online gaming and E-sports are the world’s fastest growing forms of sports entertainment, and Park 22 Young is establishing well-equipped gaming rooms and excellent e-sports offers. Here, competitors from Mo i Rana and the region will be able to meet and improve their skills, while playing against people throughout the world. There may also be occasional e-sports events at Byscena, the Main Stage.

Park 22 Byscena – the main stage

Our Main Stage, Park 22 Byscena, is being developed into a full-fledged virtual stage.

This is also an arena that gives young musicians and entertainers the opportunity to perform for audiences. The sound system and lighting, and the technicians who man them are first rate. Immigrants are encouraged to try their hand at performing, as we feel they have much to contribute. Byscena, the Main Stage, aims to facilitate cultural integration.

Park 22 Film

There are excellent opportunities to watch and to screen films at Park 22. We work closely with Rana Film Club, which has screenings twice a month. Park 22 Production also offers production suites with tools for video production, post editing and graphic design.

Park 22 Talent

Park 22 aims to be a training arena for young talents in the fields of high-quality sound, video and image production. Together with our partners, such as the Cultural School and the region’s many festivals, we wish to help Mo i Rana nurture its many and diverse talents.

Through Park 22 Talent, we are providing the opportunities as well as the creative demands necessary to facilitate the development of premier talent. We know how competitive it is at the top of these fields.

Park 22 Music

Park 22 hosts a number of concerts throughout the year, and we collaborate with local organisations that are passionate about good music, such as the blues club TUFF ENUFF and the rock club BråK. Park 22 offers an environment where amateurs and professionals alike can gather to share their creativity and expertise and develop music projects.

Park 22 offers rehearsal rooms for local bands – and the Main Stage, Byscena, is just a short jump away!

Moreover, through Park 22 Production we offer opportunities for quality sound recordings. In addition to the rehearsal rooms, we have well-equipped facilities with all the tools required for video production, post-editing and graphic design.

Our employees


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